How to Make Water in Alchemy Classic

In Alchemy Classic, water is one of the basic elements. It’s ready to use right away, without any additional combinations!

By combining it with the other elements below, you can create new and exciting elements.

Read on to find out what you can make with water.

What can you make with water in Alchemy Classic?

Water can be combined with the following elements:

Combine Create
active robot + metals + water electricity + water turbine
active robot + metals incomplete boiler
arthropods millipedes + shrimps
bacteria algae
birds waterbirds
borehole draw well
carbon dioxide aerated water
castle moat
cells plankton
cephalopods octopus
cereals rice
clouds rain
coconut shell coconut milk
cold ice
dinosaurs plesiosaurs
earth + volcano hydrothermal vein
earth swamp
eggs + fire + flour bread
electricity hydrogen + oxygen
fire + teapot tea
fire alcohol
fishing boat fish yield
grass reed
HCl Hydrochloric Acid
HNO2 Nitrous acid
HNO3 Nitric acid
indigo paint
insects dragonflies
mammals watermammals
metals rust
minerals mineral water
molluscs cephalopods
NO2 HNO3 + hydrogen
nonruminants hippopotamus
oxygen container scuba
oxygen liquid oxygen
plankton jellyfish
reptiles crocodiles
resin amber
salt salt water
smoking pipe hookah
Sodium hydroxide Sodium hydroxide solution
sodium hydrogen + Sodium hydroxide
stone earth + salt water
sugar sugar water
sulfur trioxide sulfuric acid
sulfuric acid + wood cellulose
tubing water pipeline
unhydrated lime hydrated lime
water + watermammals whales
waterbirds ducks
watermammals dolphins
wheel water wheel
wood boat


Now that you know what combinations you can create with water in Alchemy Classic, you are all set to start this fun process!

If you are looking for more information on all the other Alchemy Classic elements and how to use them, be sure to check out our other tutorials.

Happy alchemizing!