How to Make Fire in Zed’s Alchemy

In Zed’s Alchemy, fire is one of the basic elements. It’s ready to use right away, without any additional combinations!

By combining it with the other elements below, you can create new and exciting elements.

Read on to find out what you can make with fire.

Zed’s Alchemy Combinations to Make Fire

To create fire in Zed’s Alchemy, you will need the following elements:

What can you make with fire in Zed’s Alchemy?

Fire can be combined with the following elements:

Combine Create
air energy
alcohol Molotov cocktail
algae iodine
beetroot borscht
bird phoenix
book ash
bread toast
cheese fondue
chicken fried chicken
chocolate hot chocolate
cigarettes ash + smoke
clay brick
coal energy
cochineal carmine
corpse ash
dinosaur dragon
dough bread
dust gunpowder
earth lava
egg omelette
ent ash + ghost
gasoline explosion
glass lamp
grass tobacco
gunpowder explosion + smoke
hero firefighter
hut ash
ice water
life fire elementa
limestone lime
lizard salamander
man corpse
meat barbeque
moss ash
oxyhydrogen explosion
paper ash
peat energy + smoke
pig bacon
pterodactyl dragon
quark (cheese) cheese
sand glass
sea salt + steam
snake ash
soured milk quark (cheese) + whey
stone metal
sugar caramel
tobacco ash + smoke
tree ash + coal
warrior firefighter
water alcohol
wood ash + coal
worm ash


Now that you know what combinations you can create with fire in Zed’s Alchemy, you are all set to start this fun process!

If you are looking for more information on all the other Zed’s Alchemy elements and how to use them, be sure to check out our other tutorials.

Happy alchemizing!