How to Make Country in Zed’s Alchemy

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to make country in Zed’s Alchemy.

This is a very simple process, but it can be tricky to get the right ingredients.

Keep reading for instructions on how to create this element!

Zed’s Alchemy Combinations to Make Country

To create country in Zed’s Alchemy, you will need the following elements:

What can you make with country in Zed’s Alchemy?

Country can be combined with the following elements:

Combine Create
borscht Ukraine
cat Egypt
champagne France
clock Switzerland
Coca-Cola USA
continent Australia
country continent
dragon China
Fabergé egg Russia
fondue Switzerland
gunpowder China
ice Iceland
Kama Sutra India
kangaroo Australia
kilt Scotland
McDonald’s USA
mummy Egypt
panda China
perfume France
petroleum Saudi Arabia
pizza Italy
Quetzalcoatl Mexico
Robin Hood United Kingdom
salo Ukraine
sauna Finland
scarab Egypt
Scotch Whisky Scotland
silk China
Statue of Liberty France + USA
Sun Japan
sushi Japan
Swiss army knife Switzerland
tequila Mexico
The Beatles United Kingdom
Totoro Japan
tractor Belarus
Transylvania Romania
vampire Transylvania
Venice Italy
vodka Russia
volcano Iceland
VW Beetle Germany

Zed’s Alchemy Country Walkthrough

Follow these steps to make country in Zed’s Alchemy:

  1. air + fire = energy
  2. earth + fire = lava
  3. earth + water = swamp
  4. air + lava = stone
  5. energy + swamp = life
  6. air + stone = sand
  7. fire + sand = glass
  8. life + swamp = bacteria
  9. sand + swamp = clay
  10. clay + fire = brick
  11. bacteria + water = plankton
  12. plankton + stone = shells
  13. shells + stone = limestone
  14. clay + limestone = cement
  15. cement + water = concrete
  16. brick + concrete = brick house
  17. brick house + glass = skyscraper
  18. skyscraper + skyscraper = city
  19. city + city = country


Now that you know how to make country in Zed’s Alchemy, and what combinations you can create with it, you are all set to start this fun process!

If you are looking for more information on all the other Zed’s Alchemy elements and how to use them, be sure to check out our other tutorials.

Happy alchemizing!